Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Marriage, Marriage is What Brings Us Together...Today

  Because I myself am married, when I run across articles that sound interesting concerning marriage I try to read them. I found one today as I was reading a website called ,"Catholic Link" and I liked this article so much I'm linking it here.  It's about the Wedding at Cana and Jesus miracle of the water turned to wine.  But what is most interesting is it is written by a priest who discovered the reason why the image of marriage is so frequently used in the bible.  Here is just a short excerpt :

"In all sincerity, married couples impress me with their courage and they are teaching me what it means to give one’s life for the other. I’m always left marveling at their desire to gamble their lives for the sake of another’s: another that can always change, betray, fail. To marry is to put limits on one’s life: allowing the other person to become a boundary for me. To marry is to diminish oneself in order to make room for another. It is to accept being pulled out of our own radical egoism every day. In other words, to marry is to incarnate love!"

Many married couples may not see their marriage in this light, and yet it is true, marrying another forces you to think less selfishly, at least that's how it's supposed to be.   The whole idea of marriage is two people joining with God to become a family. Even if they are not blessed with children, they are still a complete family.  The team of God, husband and wife is an unstoppable superhero force.  There's a very good reason God created man and woman because they go so well together with Him.  Kingdoms ruled by a King AND a Queen usually ran for the better because all the aspects of helping your subjects were covered, what the man doesn't think of the woman does, what the woman overlooks, the man remembers.  The God, Man and Woman team is an awesome power.

  If you get a chance, go check out the entire article!

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