Friday, March 27, 2015

JOY-filled Lenten Journey!

 Despite my initial first week of Lent, I did manage to keep my Lenten resolution this year: Keeping my temper while driving!  The first week was extremely hard as I documented here and I went through an entire bag of Milky Ways!  (read my earlier blog to find out why I was eating chocolate during Lent.)

 But it really is true if you keep working at breaking a habit for several weeks, you will eventually break it. And I did!  I began to calm down during my drives, I was even praying for other drivers and myself to be a courteous driver.  And, I am happy to say, did not have to resort to any more bags of Milky Ways!  (my hips thank me for that too!)

 I learned a Lenten lesson that  you can change your personality if you try hard enough and have a good reason:  all the sinning I was doing by getting angry in my car!  So, trying to do positive things should work the same way, keep at it for several weeks and you are becoming a more positive person. It's worth a try!
Happy Holy Week to all my friends/readers out there and a very blessed Easter! Remember that God loves us no matter what, but we have to work on ourselves, getting better, mastering the humanness in ourselves by praying, receiving the Sacraments and most of letting God in our lives!
  God bless all of you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Welcome Home!

  Sitting in the airport last night waiting on my son who was coming back from visiting his sister in California, I got to enjoy watching "homings" again. Homings are what happens when family and friends are waiting for loved ones to cross from the 'restricted gate' area of the airport into the commons area.  It reminds me of what we have waiting for us when we reach the end of life here on earth and are greeted by our Heavenly Father in heaven, big open arms, a huge smile and a "welcome home!" on His lips!
  This week we've buried four parish members and since I cantor at most of the funerals I've been there to 'sing them to heaven.'   And though those times are extremely sad, I'm always reminded that we are all headed toward our final home someday and I'm so very grateful for the faith God has graced me with.  Without it I could not face singing at funerals or let my children go off on airplanes half way across the country.  Faith gives me trust, hope and 'homings' to look forward to. 
  During this time of Lent, our joy may be little more subdued, but it should still be there with us because we have God's welcome waiting for us some day as believers!  Welcome home, good and faithful servant!