Thursday, January 6, 2011

Help! I Need Somebody, Help!

Have you ever needed a hand with something? Gotten in over your head building something or trying to put something back together? Gotten yourself in danger and had to call for help?

Two such instances come to my mind, the first was when my sister and I were teens and while visiting the ocean for the very first time with our parents, didn’t realize the trouble you could quickly get into on the sea. We had been floating on rafts, talking and snoozing in the Florida sun. Dozing away I suddenly heard shouts from the shore from the lifeguard on duty. I looked around and saw my sister floating pretty far away from me. She was caught in a rip tide pulling her further out to sea.

My parents, hearing the shouts of people on shore, realized they were pointing to their daughters and of course felt momentary panic when they realized there was nothing they could do but pray. The lifeguard jumped into the water and came swimming out directing my sister to paddle her raft perpendicular to shore in order to escape the current. She was finally able to escape the pull of the riptide current and paddle exhaustedly back to shore. My family gathered both of us in an hug, then set off to thank the lifeguard who so expertly guided my sister back to shore.

The other instance involved one of my own daughters when she was only four years old. I was upstairs making supper and she was downstairs playing in the room where I kept my sewing machine. Though warned about never playing with the sewing machine, her fascination with the needle going up and down got her into trouble and I heard this call for help. “Mom, come down here!” to which I answered, I could not because I was making supper and she needed to come up the stairs to ask me for help. “I can’t!” came the reply. I finally went to investigate and found her finger pinned under the needle of the machine. She was unable to move. It took me a minute to figure out how to raise the needle without it sticking her entire finger to the machine.

Sometimes we need help and we don’t even know it as was the case with my sister and I on the ocean, sometimes, like my daughter, you know you are in trouble immediately!

But no matter the case, we can always call on God for help. Sometimes God intervenes even when we don’t even know it! It’s always good to maintain an open conversation with the Almighty in your life. He may be giving you very important warnings about something going on in your life and you don’t realize you are in danger.

Maintain a good relationship with our Lord can help keep you out of trouble!

God bless and keep you!