Monday, May 12, 2014

Back To Work

   It is good to be back writing more again. I've missed this! As things settle down with our church renovation and I'm not taking pictures, keeping up with changes and moving, etc. I'll have more time to download or upload as the case may be all the events that happened along the way.  We began a huge renovation of our Cathedral on January 6, 2014 and since then we experienced blizzards, floods and lightning strikes that made it an adventure!
  Now some of the renovating has moved into our office space which is making life even more interesting as we tiptoe over freshly laid tile and clean the perpetual dust that seems to follow us everywhere.
  While the heavy ice storms, snow and frigid temps didn't keep us from working while Church was being worked on the lightning did cause some disruption in the office since for the second time in 15 months we've had a major lightning strike that wiped out phone systems, computers, our church organ electronics and internet. As the technology person for our parish offices life has had me hopping trying to coordinate repairs and insurance claims!  Can you say "vacation time?"
  It's all been a huge lesson in patience for me, something I need to work on anyway and with God's  wonderful sense of humor the timing has been, well, timely I guess. 
  So as we continue on our faith journey, I have a lot to catch you up on! Thank you for your patience and waiting for me!  I've missed you!

This is a serendipity shot; our new mural behind the altar reflected in the entrance glass of the church. This won't last because the wall behind the glass is temporary so you won't be able to see this reflection when it comes down.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Picture Lady Is Back Again With More Renovation!

  So we are finishing up the church except for the main doors which they are working on this week, but then they began on our office floors last week so the work never ends.  Last week they were upstairs and on the landings, but this week they have been in front of my office and the other main offices. What was once nice orderly and safe has become chaos!  We had to move our network printer out into the reception area. We gave our volunteer receptionists which includes my own mom, the week off! 
  So that has meant those few of us left in the office are answering the phone, the doorbell and taking care of business all the while dodging bent over floor tile gentlemen.  I laid tile in my kitchen several years ago and it was nothing like this undertaking! 
 Right now they are getting ready to tile in front of my office which means I will either have to stay in my office all day or 'walk the plank' across wet tiles!  Sounds like an adventure to me!  But isn't that true of all life?  

The view down the hall
and the view from inside my office!  Might have to do some tightrope walking!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Renovating Lady

So, what have I been working on the for last 3 1/2 months instead of blogging?  This is the way our church, St. Mary Cathedral, looked in January, 2014.

And now, this is how it looks May, 2014!

I didn't do the work, mind you, I was in charge of taking pictures and video. See my link to the progression of the work pictures, check out our website:

but isn't it gorgeous? We look like a real cathedral now!