Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Sit down and relax.  Listen.  Listen to God trying to speak to you in this busy world of yours.  Smile. He is reaching out to you, gently calling your name so you just listen to Him.

I’ve been trying to spend five minutes each morning just sitting, listening to Him.  I always have my petitions, my wants, my worries in front of me, rushing to tell the Lord all of them, asking for help with them…but sometimes, He just wants us to listen.

There is a lot of silence in listening. It’s easy to get distracted or think you are making up a conversation in your head, but just listen.  As I practice just listening, just ‘being’, if I stop thinking, stop remembering the next thing I need to ‘remind’ God about in my life, I can hear a soft whisper in my head.  I hear consoling words urging me to be calm, be at peace, to rest in the knowledge that God has me in His hand right this very moment.

Lent is only a few weeks away and as we finish up the Christmas season, begin listening to the silence more.  As the days are cold and you bundle up against the cold wind, listen for God in that wind. Listen with your ears and listen with your heart.  God wants to speak to your heart but we have to silence ourselves to hear Him.

Take a deep breath, watch the birds fly across the sky and listen.  Hear God stirring in your heart, a little voice urging you towards peace.