Wednesday, December 17, 2014

JOY! Week 7, 8, 9...

   Well you always know when it's that time of year when my writing takes a backseat to all my other hobbies In this case, it was job getting in the way as our parish was due to put out a picture directory and guess who was stupid, decided to volunteer for the last three months of making appointments, sitting at the hostess table, cornering others to help and sit and have their picture taken?
  Yes...well, that's done for another five years!  Then it was on to my home projects of knitting and crocheting and shopping for Christmas preparations...  Pardon my digressing!! On to JOY!!!!
  Tonight, we begin our parish novenas. I love novenas!!! They are a beautiful way to ready your spiritual self for Christmas...singing ancient O'Antiphons, prayers and quiet meditations.  And it only lasts 30 minutes! Easy enough for any busy person around the holidays to take time for the Preparation of Christmas.
  Speaking of JOY! My favorite Christmas song is course, Joy To The World!" And my favorite version  is the California Raisins Version! Make no judgement until you have seen it!!  You can watch and listen to it here!

So go get your JOY on this Christmas preparing season!!!