Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thy Will Be Done

From St. Teresa of Avila:
  There is no danger, brothers and sisters that when you say to God, 'they will be done.' that you will be showered with riches or pleasures or great honors or any earthly good. God' s love for you is not so lukewarm.
God places a higher value on your gift, wishing to reward you generously since you have been given a share in the heavenly kingdom even in this life.

  Would you like to see how God treats those who say this prayer without reservation? Ask Jesus who in the garden uttered it truthfully and resolutely. You will see my brothers and sisters, what God gives to those he loves best.

  See the prayer of Jesus answered with trials, sufferings, insults, and persecutions until at last his life ended on the cross.

  These are heaven's gifts in this world and God grants them as a sign of affection for us- to each of us according to the courage and the love we bear for God.
  Fervent love can suffer much, tepidity very little. For my part, I believe that our love is the measure of the cross we bear.

Let me not forget how God answered the prayers of his own son.

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