Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Encouraging Words Feb 25, 2013

Live with intention

Walk to the edge

Listen hard

Practice wellness


Choose with no regret

Appreciate your friends

Continue to learn

Do what you love

Live every day – get over the sadness, smile, leave as friends, forget the anger, no grudges, give hugs, RESOLVE TO BE HAPPY!

 No matter what else goes on in your life, resolving to be happy is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family and friends.

I don’t mean the kind of happy you get from having no worries, plenty of money, fame or fortune.

 Nope, I mean the kind of happy that sings in your soul.  Also known in some circles as JOY.

 Joy doesn’t get much press. The only time you hear much about the word JOY is at Christmas when we sing “Joy To the World.”  And just what is Joy to the World?

 Do you bring joy to your world? Do people see you and smile or melt into the wall? Do people think of you as a joyful person?

 I know people, even very religious people, who can suck the joy out of Mass by the way approach life: it’s one big sigh after another.

 That’s not joy.

Joy is what wells up inside you, it can happen when you see a baby smile for the first time, or get up early and spot the most beautiful sun rise you’ve ever seen! Joy bubbles up from your soul, you can’t explain it, it’s just there, fizzing and bubbling like a freshly popped can of soda!

 Joy takes choosing to live your life so others see the Christ in you. Christ had joy. He exuded it everywhere He went. It’s why so many people were attracted to Him. He didn’t have to wave a banner, hand out business cards or yell, “Gather round, miracle about to happen!”

 Jesus had a natural joy that came from knowing He was from the Father, and the Father was in Him.

 We know the Father too, and the Father dwells in us. Why don’t we show our joy like Jesus did?

 We still have time in Lent to work on showing our joy. Go for it! Make a joyful noise and shout “Joy to the world!”


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  I came across an interesting tidbit of information today. And I guess if I had studied French instead of the one year of Spanish I took I might have known this.  The French word, "Adieu" which everyone uses when they are saying goodbye to someone, quite literally means, "to God". In other words, when you say, "Adieu!" to someone while waving, you are leaving them in God's care.

   That was stunning to me. How wonderful! Of course the other words we use to assure a safe journey or see you again later also mean go with God too like "Good-bye," good - comes from God. "Vaya con dios" in Spanish means this too.

  Sometimes we forget to stop and think about putting another person in God's care. The very send off we have repeated for years does just that. How beautiful!  Too bad we sometimes shorten our Good-Bye to just 'bye!  or worse yet, "See 'ya!"

   Maybe for Lent practice actually using the full "go with God at your side" send off. I know it makes me feel better to remind them AND me I am trusting them to God's care!

Happy Lent!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Encouraging Words Feb 18, 2013

 “I’d rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are;

because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star,

I’d rather be a has-been than a might-have-been, by far;

for a might have-been has never been, but a has was once an are.”

~ Milton Berle, American Comedian and Actor



Encouraging words are what make us who we are. I love the quote repeated by Milton Berle. It not only is encouraging, but it is a statement to sticking to things in life, even if you can’t be the best, most important or highly paid something, you can at least BE SOMETHING!  If for no other reason than you tried.

If you never try something, whether it’s a new job, a new hobby or making yourself a better person, how will you ever look back and say, “Hey I did that!”

How will you create memories?

Encouraging words help us along but they don’t put us in the end result. WE have to do that. We use Encouraging words like the chalk that rock climbers use.  They still have to use arm and leg power, and the ropes and pitons, but that bit of chalk is what keeps their hands from sweating and loosing a grip on the rope.

When dangling from a 40 foot high, two foot across platform in the midst of tree, I had to swing out with only my feet still on the platform, my arms holding on a rope and lower myself to the stable ground below.  Think I needed an encouraging word or two then! You bet!  It took me a long time to do it, I didn’t trust my arms to hold the rope tight enough to keep from plummeting to the ground.  But since there was no other way down and with my husband and kids encouraging me, I finally said a prayer and swung out into space.  Whew…I still didn’t like it, but I survived and slowly let the rope slip through the pulley system and gently dropped to the leave covered earth below. All in one piece.

Encouraging words, everyone needs them at many times in life!

Monday, February 11, 2013

E-words Feb 11, 2013

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

   Ever since I was eight years old, I have dreamed of being a writer. I imagined all kinds of stories in my head, I wore out thousands of pencils, collected notebooks, paper, yellow legal pads, any kind of writing pad I could find and wrote stories. They were mostly stories that include myself as the heroine. I didn’t use my own name of course, but I lived through the characters in my stories and I was going to make a living being a writer some day!

   I asked for a typewriter for Christmas when I was ten and received it. I can still smell the ink ribbon, see the gray and red case, feel the touch of the keys as I happily spent summer inside living adventure after adventure in the bedroom I shared with my two sisters. First I was off on a mystery, then it was to the bottom of the sea with the sailors from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, to rescuing people as a teen paramedic with Johnny and Roy on Emergency! I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was writing screenplays for television shows I was watching. I invented my own plots, action and dialog.

   Then it was on to my own style of fiction as I created characters not seen on television or movies. They were of my own invention, romances, westerns, pirates and princesses. Some summers I even went as far as to put on “plays” with my stories, begging my sisters and neighborhood friends to act out while I directed and even record on my tape recorder the shootouts in my westerns!

   I wrote plays for my classmates to act out in English class which they enjoyed because we all would get extra credit for class that way!  As I moved into high school I was including some of my closest friends in my adventures, changing the names to protect the innocent, but they were included in on the adventure stories that way too. And they enjoyed reading them.

   Disappointed that the college I chose to attend did not have a writing major, I instead majored in Secondary Education with a major in English and Journalism. I would still get to write, not the fun adventure stuff, but it was helpful as I learned to deepen my descriptions, write good concise paragraphs and question everything I included in my stories, “was this really needed for the plot, will my reader understand it?”

   When I got married and began having kids, the urge to write was no lesser than when I was eight and I began to write stories for my children. They were adventures and one character in participar began to emerge, a young woman who was studying as a martial artist and bodyguard: Kip MacAllister!

   On a trip to a bookstore I received a coupon for a Print On Demand publisher online. I found out I could upload my story and have it printed and bound in a book of my very own, without going through editors and copyreaders who either didn’t like my stories or wanted to make big changes to them with still no guarantee of publishing them.

   I was in heaven! I began publishing my Kip MacAllister books for my kids. I only ordered copies for them and my family to read. But teachers at the school where I worked found out I was writing and asked for copies. Soon my books were in the school library and I was invited to talk to students at other schools about writing and my books.

   Just recently, while visiting with some cousins, I found out they were ordering my books for their kids to read. I was thrilled!!  I may not be rich and famous, but I am living the dream I’ve had since I was eight years old: I was a writer!

   You never know when an encouraging word may come along in your life and keep your dreams alive.

In my life, it’s when my parents bought me the typewriter so I could make more real looking books.

It was teacher’s encouraging me by letting me put on plays in English class.

It was being asked to be a reporter for my college newspaper and seeing my byline in print.

It was my husband who would put the kids to bed at night so I could have “writing time” and who also encouraged me to use the coupon for the POD publishing and he has been my biggest supporter in addition to my parents, siblings and my own children in becoming a writer.

   It still seems funny to call myself a writer. But as I get older and realize I have written a lot of things.  I have learned I always have to have either a pencil, pen, notebook, laptop, or thumb drive with me at all times in case an idea comes to me. I write copy for our church bulletin, I have written a bi-monthly 8 page newsletter for our parish’s youth, I write monthly Family Faith inserts for our church bulletin, website copy. I can’t get away from writing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  My husband described me best one time when I was worrying I was spending too much time writing my stories instead of doing housework, he said, “Lisa, you are the real you when you are writing! You need to write!”

   Those encouraging words are what kept me writing all these years and now I encourage other people to write! I love talking to kids about writing and character development! 

   Encouraging words – at their best! Let them take you off on your dreams!



Friday, February 8, 2013

I Find Letters...

"I find letters from God dropt in the street and every one of them is signed by God's name."
     --- Walt Whitman

Monday, February 4, 2013

E-Word Week 6 - yes I skipped one!

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
- C. S. Lewis

   Last week while getting some blood work done,  I was asked not once but twice within a few minutes time if I was over the age of 55.  Now I know better than to get upset at questions by medical personnel who see people all the time, coming and going so they aren’t really looking past the silver hair of a woman who sits down across from them, but gosh it upset me! I mean I have two more LONG years before I turn 55!!!! Come on!!!! 

   But I let those comments get to me. It didn’t help that I was there because my blood pressure had been running a tad bit high and I wanted to find out what was going on. So of course my BP didn’t look really great after those comments either.

   Then I’m going through Internet news and see a blog about if you are over 50 you shouldn’t be doing this list of things which included Parkour,  mosh pit surfing, and drinking champagne out of shoes.  I still engage in martial arts and sparring and ground combat so I took offense at the Parkour restriction. I love low range Parkour and even practice it! Did you see me trip over the curb in Target’s parking lot last week and do a perfect roll? I was doing Parkour off cars and curbs long before it became a hit in James Bond movies!

   But I did begin to realize that my Encouraging Words blog this year was going to have to really hit home with me if I was going to get my blood pressure back in the normal range. Life has been extremely stressed out lately and knew I was letting it happen to me.  “Let Go and Let God” is always my motto, but that doesn’t mean I live it all the time!  I have those “Mom” worries and anxieties with one child out of the nest almost two thousand miles away, the others figuring out where they are going next,  a full time job and a family business to run. If I sound like a broken record I apologize but I think sometimes we women think we can just keep adding stuff to our plates and the plate won’t break.

    We need to think of our plates as paper not china. And we have to take care of the plate, not just the food that is on it! Even if our plates are fine china they have a load limit!

    Anyway, Encouraging Words need to help lift us up to the funny in life, the less stressed way of looking at the anxiety causing events that grab on like Velcro and try harder to laugh our way to old age.

    And it is never too old to begin anything new! There are hundreds of examples of people starting over, beginning a new hobby or doing something different as they age. There are a lot of young people just sitting around with high BP’s too and they need to get out and try some hardcore Parkour too, even if it’s just the parking lot curb tripping you up!

*Parkour is a new sport of running and jumping off walls, cars, anything in the environment.