Thursday, June 18, 2015


   Some days those obstacles to joy hit lightly. You tell yourself to smile, say a prayer and keep going.
 But there are those days when evil hits you right in the stomach; hard.  It bends you over and makes your eyes water, your body waver and your knees begin to fold.  It's hard to imagine things getting better. know this too will pass.  Not quickly...not without help. 

   It is for these obstacles you must work out your spirit on a daily basis. It is for these obstacles which create such hurdles in your life, that you must prepare for, because they will come.  It will threaten to rob your joy forever.  And you must not let them.  So you must practice, daily, just like you practice for a marathon, a journey, a physical event.  You must strengthen your soul so you do not quit the race.