Monday, November 2, 2020

If You Don't Stop Fighting You'll Sing the Sister Song!

 Way back, when my kids were little...they sometimes got into fights with one another. I know, hard to believe, siblings fighting...  I don't know why but somehow in the years in between I have forgotten how much or often they fought. My memory says it was very little, but my girls laugh and say wow, Mom, you really can't remember anything!

 I was reminded that as fierce of friends as they are, my three kids did fight with one another and I apparently grew weary of it to the point I found a solution.  Of course it was temporary because another week they were fighting again.  But it would work at least for that day and saved my sanity.  

So after all the pandemic, election, rioting garbage going on in our country I am asserting my Mom Power once again and warning the country. If you don't stop fighting I'll make you sing the Sister Song!

Now, the Sister Song was a feature of the old purple Barney Show.  You remember Barney the Dinosaur don't you?  My three kids watched it every day and since I was usually working or sewing in the same room as the television, I remember all the songs as well as my kids.  There were two sisters on the show who would get into minor squabbles or fights, and Barney would have them resolve their issues by singing the Sister Song to each other.  This Sister Song was written for the show by Phillip Parker, a man of extreme musical talent when it came to writing songs for programs such as Barney.  

So when my kids would get into it, especially my two daughters, I would make them sit facing each other and sing the Sister Song until they burst into laughter.  It always worked.  They couldn't sit and sing this song without gradually smiling and laughing mostly because when your mom makes you sit face to face with your sister you' re always going to find something funny even if it's not the song you are singing.

My point is, I think it is time our entire country sits down and faces each other and sings the song.  I am tired of the anger, bickering, and side taking that is breaking apart churches, families and friends.  This is not what God intended when He created us people!  We are a community, a nation of human beings created in God's image and we don't very much look like Him right now.  

So I don't care which side of anything you are on... sit down right now and look someone else in the eye and sing this song!  Momma said to do it and you are going to do it.

If you don't know the words, they are printed below, if you don't know the song (shame on you) but here is a link to the youtube video.  I mean it, we cannot go on being humans with each other if we don't stop this fighting.  We are family people! And we're going to act like it...NOW!

Sister Song

you don't have to hold hands, but you do have to look at each other!!

Lyrics to the Sister Song by Phillip Parker

Sometimes we're real close friends.
We stay up late and talk at night.
Other times we don't get along.
There are even times we fight.

But I know she's always there
And I know she'll always care
She's my sister.
I love my sister

I've given her a great big hug.
When she was feeling bad.
And then again I've said some things
That have really made her mad.

But I know she's always there
And I know she'll always care
She's my sister.
I love my sister

But I know she's always there
And I know she'll always care
She's my sister.
I love my sister

She's my sister. I love my sister

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

And He Will Love You


We are living in tremendously trying times…not just the Covid year, but for the last several decades our faith and trust are being put to the test…not by things. . .but by people…and even worse, people of so called good will.

 Paul exhorts us to "Have no anxiety at all but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, make your requests  known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."  Philippians 4:6-9

Mere mortals cannot take that peace away from you.  No matter what someone of faith says, someone in government,  or in politics demand, or what your family or friends may comment.  If you 'have no anxiety but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving make your request known to God" then His peace will guard your mind and heart. 

I believe we cannot let what any  'expert' in the media,  government, or faith shake our beings.  Anyone  who is trying to create fear, or anger or riot is not correct.   We must hold one truth:  God loves us.  God loves all of us.

 It doesn't mean we can do what we want, we have to be faithful to Him who loves us by paying Him respect and honor above all else.  He gives us commandments to follow beginning with Have no other god before me, and love your neighbor as yourself. So it takes commitment, and prayer and time in our daily lives to give Him honor.

As we face more and more fear, anger and derision in the coming days… please have peace in your hearts. Please remember to turn to God and let go of the anxiety, the fear, the doubts.  You have been sealed with your faith, you choose to be faithful and God knows it.  He will lead you where you are to go, He will give you peace and courage.  And He will love you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Hair In Your Mouth and Other Hazards of Wearing a Mask!


Remember when we all thought the CoVid pandemic would end in a week or two. The weeks stretched out into months and my goodness we'll be coming up on a year. Please Lord no!!  Let it end sooner.

Anyway, we all thought we can do this…what's a week or two making masks for friends who were in health care or high risk jobs.  I blithely went to Hobby Lobby to purchase fabric for my daughter who lives in California where the numbers were astronomical for CoVid cases, and for a niece who works in health care and relatives who are first responders. I made cute masks with chickens and hearts on them.  Something to keep everyone upbeat and not worried.

Cue, six months later and I am scrambling for more fabric because my county ordered everyone to wear a mask when going out or in, everywhere except your home.  Then before that even when businesses got shut down so did Hobby Lobby  and I could not purchase more fabric or the all important elastic. Do you know how hard it was to find elastic?

Anyway…now the stores are open, you can find fabric but still no elastic so I instead I made ties for my masks which I prefer anyway so my ears don't get sore.  But wearing masks day in and day out has presented a few issues. I know we're doing this to stay safe and keep others safe and believe me I agree, because my own brother landed up in the hospital because of this and my son lost his job because he's a fitness instructor and many of them are still closed.  This whole virus stinks!  But I also know you have to laugh about something and keep our morale up or we'll all go insane.

So one of the side effects of wearing a mask and maybe I experience this more because I have long hair and still prefer wearing the tie masks.  Every morning before I go to work or on Sundays headed to church, I tie one on…meaning a mask. (though I wish I could get by with starting my day with alcohol.) I have to remember to put my hair up in a ponytail or risk hair getting stuck in the ties of my mask which if you have long hair and get it stuck or pulled you know how painful that can be.  And at some point I feel something tickle my mouth and realize that some silly hair has come off my head and gotten stuck in side my mask. It drives me nuts until I can get home and pull it out.

So last Sunday morning my husband and I were on our way to church and I had my mask on and made it through church service. We then needed some items from the store so we stopped there on the way home. By this time my fabric mask was pretty humid so much to say it was getting rather damp on the inside from talking through it.

 As we got back in the car from the store, and I was driving… I felt a familiar tickle in my mouth. Oh great, I had gotten a hair stuck inside my mask.  Somehow thankfully it had not bothered me during church or the grocery but now it was driving me nuts.  I pulled off my mask because we were back in the car, but because I was driving and because I had just come from the grocery store, I was not going to touch my mouth with my hands until I could wash them good.  I had used hand sanitizer but I am kind of a freak about washing my hands these days.  Even with the mask off, I could not get rid of the hair that was now lodged in my mouth.  And I started gagging. My husband asked if he could do anything, but talking and gagging as you know don't really go together.  I was driving trying not to hit anything as I coughed and gagged my way down the street.  Luckily it was Sunday morning and traffic was very light.  I worked up some spit and thought, gross, I'm just going to swallow it so I stop gagging.  Guess what, you cannot swallow a long hair in your mouth on purpose!  That made me gag all the more.  We were on the home stretch and there was no where to pull over, roll down  my window and just spit. Also spitting into the wind is not advisable in a moving car.  Now as a cat owner I now have a better understanding of why cats cough up hairballs!  I began coughing up a hairball much to my embarrassment and my husband's chagrin and finally got into the driveway where I immediately stopped, opened my car door and well… you know.  And yet STILL I could not rid my mouth and my upper throat of that stupid hair!  I rushed inside, washed my hands and finally got it dislodged from my mouth!  Boy did I have a better understanding of what my cats go through and they don't have fingers! 

Since then I have been more careful of shaking out my mask before tying it on and brushing any errant hairs out before pulling it up.  Once was enough and gross.

I have a bad feeling that we're stuck in masks for a while longer and so am having to make peace with wearing a mask necklace around my neck all the time. The ties at least let me let it hang from my neck instead of my ears!  I hope and pray this will all end soon and everyone stay well. Until then I am willing to do my part to help people stay safe and myself as well and I've am making a plan to brush my cats more often so they don't develop so many hair balls.  Ugg!