Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Luck Doesn't Jump, Pray or Fall and Get Back Up!

You can't follow your star unless you reach for it. And that means to stop being afraid of what happens when you catch it!

In other words, your life won't grow beyond your four walls if you are afraid of taking chances, chances on who you are, who you will be and what you will make of yourself!  In 52 years I've taken chances, fallen down a lot, gotten back up because I wanted to fall in love, wanted to have a family, wanted to buy a home, wanted to try living an adventure. I've done all those things and maybe someone looking from the outside in might say, "wow, you've been really lucky!"

But it wasn't luck that got me those things, it was risk taking and above all else praying about it. Sometimes we forget the power of prayer. Pray for yourself to take the risk, pray for yourself to know when to jump, pray for Divine Intervention to tell you when NOT to jump.

But it's not luck...luck doesn't jump, pray or fall and get back up. People who want to grab life are the jumpers, prayers, fall down and get up again.

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