Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This May Hurt...

Hi Friends,
On occasion, I feel the need to take off the kid gloves and get down and dirty because I hear about kids having sex before they get married, having abortions when they know it’s wrong to kill a baby, and living with their boyfriends/girlfriends.

I wonder, why are they doing this? Are they not getting the message that all this is wrong.

So I ask you dear reader. Do you know all that stuff is wrong? Sometimes, as adults, teachers, parents, we want to make kids happy. We tend to do or say whatever will keep the peace in our families because we love you.

But not insisting that you guys tow the moral line is not the way to get you to Heaven.

Sorry, I know it may sound mean, but you can’t get to Heaven when you are acting like pagans!  Pagans don’t believe in God, they don’t respect other people or the creation of God.

Pagans are selfish, self giving, don’t care about anything other than what makes them happy.

My little sheep, God loves you so very much, but you can’t feel the extent of His love if you turn away from Him and “do your own thing.”

I don’t care what you see on television, movies, Facebook or anywhere else:

It DOES matter if you wait to have sex until you are married.

It DOES matter if you treat your body with respect and not pour drugs and alcohol into it.

It DOES matter that you care about pre-born children and protect them and also protect any human being, unborn, young, old sick or handicapped.

You can’t get to Heaven without believing this and living it.

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