Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just What Kind of Woman Are You?

With all this garbage about making women equal by giving them abortion drugs and sterilization procedures I’ve been skimming back over my copy of "Women, Sex and the Catholic Church". I love this book. I would encourage everyone to get a copy and read it. What's it about? It's about how the Catholic Church has helped PROMOTE women for the last 2000 years. Yes, I said promote! Not only that, but the Catholic Church has helped protect, serve and encourage women in the Catholic faith to help the Church.

If you don't believe me then you need to read the book:
"Women, Sex and the Catholic Church - A Case for Catholic Teaching" edited by Erika Bachiochi.

Erika has brought together a panel of women experts who through their years of research, teaching, experience have found out that yes, truly, the Catholic Church is not the sexist, biased organization that the media and the pro-choice feminists of today say it is.

Do you hear a "so there!" attitude in my voice?

Good!  Because I am sick and tired of being told by feminists, the media, our government and others that women are being mistreated by the Catholic Church, the ONLY church who upholds the Blessed Virgin Mary - a woman, as a role model for all of us.

In Chapter 3, "The Fullness of Sexuality: Church Teaching on Premarital Sex," Cassandra Hough who is the Executive Director of the Love & Fidelity Network writes: "Contrary to secular (and some dissident Catholic) feminist arguments, the Catholic Church does not encourage women’s chastity in order to subject her to male domination. The fact is, if women’s purity receives any more attention than men’s purity, it is out of an acknowledgement of the powerful influence women naturally have on men. Women have the profound ability to rouse both the best and worst in the opposite sex. When women lose their concept of purity, men lose their motivation to be respectful.   When women maintain their purity with confidence, love and faith, they inspire awe, respect and admiration from their male counterparts. When women have high standards, men will respond accordingly….The joy of being a Catholic woman is that we have these safeguards and moral standards outlined in our faith. And even more, we have the sacramental grace to aid us in our commitment to them.”

Well said!! Even in the old west, men knew they needed the influence of “church-going women” to establish order and civility to the towns. Nary a western territory in the union would have become a state without the civilizing effect of womenfolk!

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