Friday, February 3, 2012

Civility: End of Week 5

So here it is, the feast of St. Blaise and the blessing of throats. As someone who used to be so prone to losing my voice quite frequently, I always loved this blessing!  Today, our pastor, Fr. Tom brought up an interesting thought. As we got our throats blessed, maybe we could remember that not only were we getting a blessing from colds and disease of the throat, but maybe it would remind us to watch our language, and what we say about other people.
Wow, that was a really inspired thought. And it worked too. As I went over to the office after Mass, I had the opportunity to "remember" my speech when I encountered a situation that normally would have called for me to say something uncharitable. Thanks to Fr. Tom, I stopped and realized I should pray at that moment instead.
Thank you!

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