Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm A Catholic Blogging Mom Too!

I just read a blogging piece that said there are no Catholic Blogging Moms in the "Top Mom Blogs of 2011.
Really? I am missing the boat!
Maybe it's hard for moms, Catholic or otherwise to tell everyone they blog...seems like bragging? But gosh I love reading a good Catholic blog, especially by other moms.  The only bad thing is that all seem to be new moms, much younger than I am...
But us older moms have a lot of experience to offer...and we can be funny too. We don't have all the cute pictures of our little ones...well I could scan in the "old fashioned" ones and use those, they just wouldn't be oldest is 25 now and would just love having a picture of him in his diaper and superman cape all over the internet!
But, hey, give me a comment...what do you think? More funny mature mom thoughts - could they make it on the internet??? What do you think?????

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