Wednesday, August 18, 2010


   A friend of mine came to me today to ask for prayers for her family. It seems that a wonderful young man, my friend's nephew, had decided to take his own life. My heart cries out for this young man who must have been searching for answers and never found them and gave up hope.
   In the last 15 years I have encountered three young people who were near that giving up hope stage. Thank God they felt like they could talk to me about it and change their minds. Too often a young person doesn't feel like there is anyone they can talk to or who will understand them or judge them. Too often they are left alone, smiles on their faces, faking their way through life, letting people think they are okay. Too often they are NOT okay and desparately need someone to talk to, lean on, listen without interruption.
   God loves every person...EVERY person! He cares about EVERY person.
   You can NOT say that God doesn't care because their is so much evil in the world. God did not create evil. Mankind choose to be evil. God wants them to be good and forgives ANYONE who asks Him for forgiveness.
   If you have ever thought about suicide...please think about this: I love you no matter who you are, I am an ear to your worries, desparation. God is your anchor - hold onto it until you get to shore and talk to someone! Talk to me, talk to someone, pray to the Lord who DOES hear your voice. He sends you people in your life who can help - open your eyes and see them!
   Please, your life is worth everything to God, to me, to other people in your life.

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