Monday, January 23, 2012

Civility: Week 4 - January 23, 2012

This week I am hoping and praying for all those who are marching in Washington, DC for Life. I am praying that those who see them are civil toward them and that we can all be civil as we explain how important it is that we protect life.  While we may think that violent means to something violent happening to an unborn child is one way of dealing with stopping abortion, it is not the right way.

We don't turn hearts to the virtue of protecting life by becoming violent ourselves.  We turn hearts by showing them pictures of those babies who are so viable and are people. We turn hearts by lovingly explaining how they have fingers and toes and a beating heart. We turn hearts by caring about the young women who are looking at abortion as their only choice.  It is not the only choice.

Choose life, in all stages, from natural beginning to natural end.

Working on my own civility this week is really being trying. On Friday the city decided to tear up the street that runs in front of my home. While I welcome the loss of pothole after giant pothole, I didn't realize the slalom driving I would be forced to use while trying to enter and  exit from my driveway!!!

But, this morning, seeing my plight, one of the city workers was so very civil to me, when he went out of his way to remove an orange cone so I could exit my driveway! He even waved!!  Thank you!!! And thank you for fixing my street which will be so much more driveable after the work is finished!!!!!

So let's get on with the rest of this week... and see how it goes!!!!
Smile, relax, let your frustrations melt get out of bed!

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