Friday, January 27, 2012

Civility 4 : Failure!!!!!!!!

Rats! I lost it this week! My civility I mean…it’s been a very stressful week, new priests to look after at Mass,  the office workload is crazy and I’m trying to prepare for our first Confirmation session on Sunday.  So much craziness I totally forgot my Civility new year’s pledge……..argggggg….. and once again it was while driving…

Maybe I should have a chauffeur or take a bus, which by the way doesn’t run all the way to my house or church…or maybe the dog and I should begin walking at 6:00 am and make it here in time to open up at 7:15.

Anyway, the point is I lost my civility. I was driving home to lunch, going up Independence which is a detour from William Street right now because of sewer work. I am following six other cars that are slowly following the trash truck. We are all stopping every fifty feet so the mechanical arm can grab a trash container, dump it in the back and set it back down again.

Just at the moment when I am amazed everyone in front of me is being so patient, a car comes zooming up on my left and darts into the bumper to bumper space in front of me.

Really? Did he just do that to me? Jerk!!!

I begin my rant and begin fuming when one block goes by I realize I just broke my resolution.

And I blamed him!!!

Rats…sigh….here I go again. Fall to the ground with my cross, pick it back up again. By the time I got home I had settled down and forgot about it, which is better than I have done in the past when I was still mad and spouting off to my husband and kids about idiot drivers.

So, I did better, but no pat on the back for myself for sure.

This civility thing is harder than I thought…

So back to walking to work with the dog…hmmm….I could work off weight, improve my health… three miles isn’t so bad, is it????!!!!!!

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