Friday, September 10, 2010

YOU Are Not An Accident of Genetics!

I was reading the "Word Among Us" monthly magazine the other day. It has wonderful daily meditations by the way if you ever want to subscribe it's worth your while!  But anyway, the one for September 8,which is the birthday of the Virgin Mary really struck me as really great.
   Have you ever sat and wondered what you were doing here on this earth? Kind of like the Christmas movie, "It's A Wonderful Life" sometimes you just ponder on just what is your purpose? What impact are you having on anything?
   This meditation focused on Mary's purpose and how beautifully God had it planned that Jesus could not have been born if not for all his ancestors, Mary included, who God set in place at the right place and time.
  So too have we been placed in our time and place for a purpose. Maybe that purpose is only known to God. Maybe we have an idea of what it is, most times we don't. But whatever our purpose, we should still choose to follow the Lord and watch as His plan unfolds for us. Our lives are woven into a tapestry of God's perfect plan for the world.
   So what is the lesson? It's to not let ourselves get caught up in the little squabbles.  Don't let little concerns become sources of deep anxiety or rifts between us and others. Keep problems in perspective. Pray about them.
   You weren't an accident of genetics! God had a plan for you centuries in the making! He won't leave us here all alone! He's right there with us, guiding our path.

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