Monday, February 8, 2016

Living the "Little Way" Week 2: Try it for Lent?

   St. Therese saw herself as a child of God. She liked to keep things simple and focused as a child does. Trust, especially trust in God, is a childlike virtue.  Some spiritualties have stressed complicated practices and extraordinary journeys of the soul as it responds to God's grace and love. Therese's spirituality is simple and she calls it her 'little way'. She believed and taught us that life presents enough challenges and opportunities for grace. She teaches us that God is everywhere in every situation any person and in the ordinary, simple details of life. 

  Everything is grace is probably the theme song of her spirituality. Her little way teaches us to do the ordinary things of life with extraordinary love. A smile, a note of encouragement, a phone call, suffering in silence, always having a positive word, a simple unnoticed task to brighten the life of another and so many other simple deeds done with love. These are examples of her spirituality.

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