Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Holy Spirit Is Always Stirrin' Things Up!

Usually when you accuse someone of 'stirring' things up' it is not a compliment.  So when I read an article on Happy Catholic about the Holy Spirit 'bothering us'  I thought, you know she is right, the Holy Spirit is always stirring things up, whether it's helping us move forward as The Church or just in individual ways as in  "I need to change."

  Of course I admit sometimes I feel a little put out by all the bothering and stirring.  Why do I feel like I'm ALWAYS having to do the changing?   What about all those people I'm around who are always negative, or who drive me nuts?  What do you mean I have to be the one who changes?
  In pops the Holy Spirit saying, "open up the Cheer Up Jar your daughter, Caitlin. made for you, you'll like the quote I've chosen for you today:

  "An entire sea of water cannot sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.  Similarly, the negativity of the world cannot put you down unless you allow it to get inside you."

  Okay, Holy Spirit, I get it.  It's about me...I have to change again.  I am the one you are 'bothering' to change my attitude and my mood and move forward.
  So the Church is made up of all of us, we are the ones who must do the changing. All of us.  One person at a time, He does the stirring, or the bothering to goad us along because truly most of us, myself included, would like to just leave things alone, stay in our own little part of the world and wish everyone else would just get their happy on.  Lest I forget, and the Holy Spirit must keep reminding me that I am also part of that stuck in the mud crowd who grumbles and gripes and lets negativity into my life.  Rats, how did that happen again?   If we don't move forward or do some changing we become like stagnant water, smelly, rotten and undrinkable.  We must continually be stirred to stay fresh and clean and attract those who are thirsty and show them the Lord.  It is that way with the  Church and it is that way with us as individuals in the Body of Christ.

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