Thursday, January 15, 2015

One of My Joys? Knitting!

  Several years ago I began knitting as a way to relieve stress that my crocheting was not doing. I began first with this cute cuddly bear pattern.  I had to read directions, follow pattern, something I was not good at. But the result?  A cute bear. At the time I was majorly stressed out. My dad was getting cancer treatments and I was trying to help my mom and he between doctor visits, figuring out the side effects of the treatments while still holding down a full time job and a full time family business. For some odd reason, making myself sit down at night and following a knitting pattern calmed me down. Crazy right?
  The result was a bear. Well, not just one. My first one got done in time for my dad to hold before he died. Immediately to work through my grief I began to make more bears. I made bears for my kids, for my mom and then for my brother and sisters and my nieces and nephews. The first two years following his death I had made over 35 bears.  Then I couldn't stop. I kept making bears for friends of my kids, for the babies of friends, and just because. In my closet now sits about 20 bears of all different colors and sizes. 
  After four years I finally moved on to other knitting, infinity scarves, hats, fingerless gloves and now sweaters.
  After completing a sweater complete with sleeves and a rolled collar I decided to challenge myself to an entire year of knitting sweaters in the hopes I can make one for each member of my immediate family. That's 5-6 sweaters. 
  So it's the second week of January and I've begun three. See I am easily bored with working on one project at a time so I begin a new one each week and switch between all of them. Did Ialso mention I am crocheting a blanket in here too?   The only time I get to spend on these projects is after making supper at night before I get too tired and must go to bed.
  So, I am hoping that in 11 months I will have those 5-6 sweaters and one blanket.
  Let's see how it goes.

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