Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Kids

   I love my kids! I realize I've probably said that here already, but it's worth repeating! I love my kids! They are now 28, 26 and 22, so they are not little any more but all grown up and exploring the world.
   My main goal as a mom has been to raise them to love and honor God. I really didn't have any other plans...oh of course I want them to be happy, healthy, joyful and good, but I figure if they love and honor God they will get all that too!
  This week our youngest moved into her own, it's a little different home now. It's been a fun week of moving, cleaning and helping her get there and thankfully it's only a couple blocks from our house.  While there have been moments of tears and sadness, I'm also happy for her exploring the world. And even though she isn't right at home all the time, we will still have fun, interesting conversations like we did a couple of years ago while she was in college and was having one of those days. She texted me a comment and I replied and the rest of the conversation went like this:

Cait: So during algebra I got up to pass  around the attendance sheet. My backpack fell down and unbeknown to me the lid popped off my water bottle. It made Lake Superior!!! It took 6 trips to the bathroom to get enough paper towels but I’m starting to recover from this traumatization!

Mom: Momma said there would be days like this!!!  Aaaeeiii you poor thing!!! I love you. Good luck! Bring an umbrella!

Cait:  Love you too J

Mom: Did anyone call out for noah and the ark?

Mom: I bet those are big bottles

Mom: I forgot the comma! I bet, those are big bottles!

Cait: yup and awful paper towels

Cait: Yeah they are!

Cait: no-the red ones you bought. My water bottle

Mom: I think we’re getting our texts mixed up. Big red bottles and crappy brown paper towels like at the center!!

Cait: Yes yes!! The paper towels were crappy like the center ones. Whew now we’re good!!!

Mom: So now I’m on the floor laughing again at our conversation! What a day! Love you! Good Luck!

Cait: Bahaha!  Me too! Or I would be on the floor if I had room. These desks are close together!

Always enjoy any time you have with your kids and your parents!  That time is priceless! And don't forget to write each other or text...then read over those things at a later time too!


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