Thursday, February 27, 2014


   Am I the only one not looking forward to Lent?  I have to admit working in a church office, it seems like Lent happens a lot. I know it's only once a year. Perhaps it's because I am surrounded by well meaning publishers pushing whatever books, leaflets, bulletin blurbs they have available for us to use during Lent, or it's the retreats, workshops, and many, many more suggestions for Lent to make available to parish members that we advertise in our bulletin, hall and website that are making me weary.
  I feel like a complete Catholic failure when by the time I get to Lent I am exhausted with the idea of "doing" Lent!  Shame on me, I know.  I think I stated once before I feel like the 'black sheep' of the office staff because sometimes I don't 'get it' with everything Catholic all the time.
  So forgive my weariness. I am reminded that Jesus, too, grew weary with his Lent, His Passion of the Cross. He fell down three times. I know I fall a lot more, but I always know I can count on the fact that He did it too to help me get back up and face whatever sorrow, hurt or depression that is going on in my life.
  So don't get me wrong with I say I really dislike Lent. Because I LOVE Holy Week. Which may sound weird, but I love the readings, the walking with Jesus through the Garden, admonishing his friends to stay awake and watch out for temptations.
  I don't enjoy fasting on Friday, but I love Good Friday service. There is a song my sister-in-law and I do almost every year on Good Friday. It is called "The Pieta" and is written by Tom Kendzia.  It is Mary's Song of the Crucifixion.  It's hauntingly soft theme is about Mary asking us to come with her and see what our sin has done to her Son, the Lamb of God. It is so beautiful that every year it is hard for me to sing, because as a mom I envision myself standing there in front of my dying son. It reminds me again of Jesus love for us and Mary's love too because she once again says, 'yes' to Jesus. She didn't scream and holler, she accepted what Jesus accepted.  As a mom I cannot imagine not yelling at the soldiers, doing something to make them stop. But Mary knew in her heart that what Jesus was doing, He had to do.  It's a powerful thing to realize she knew He had to die.  What beautiful faith Mary has in her son. And what strength she had to have to wait there, watching, praying, loving her son.
  So maybe this Lent I can keep that in mind and realize that all of Lent is preparing for that moment of Jesus on the Cross and knowing I too have to say 'yes' to the sacrifices, and offerings up we try to do. Because Jesus died for me and for you. And He chose to do it.


  1. Do you have lyrics for "Pieta"? I've searched the web and can't find any. Also looked on iTunes, but it's not there.

    1. Come and see, what I have done. I've given my only Son. He lived for you and He died for you, come and see.
      Lamb of God, Lamb of God, have mercy on us, forgive us Lord.
      Creator of love, source of all life, have mercy on us, forgive us, Lord.

  2. I think I understand about being a little hesitant or intimidated by Lent. I worked at a Church too once...and as a blogger I keep receiving ALOT of Lenten resources to review and I feel a little overwhelmed. I like your thoughts about Holy Week...and I love your 'about me' blurb. Wow...I can only hope I'll be ziplining, doing barrel rolls and white water rafting once I start admitting that I (already) have silver hair.

  3. Since having my son, I have felt so much more in awe of God and His sacrificing His only son. You make a great point about Mary too. Your focus on her beautiful faith, her strength, and her patience are also reminders for me in my love of Jesus.
    I also love Holy Week. I gave birth the day after Easter last year but was still able to make it to all the masses. I don't think we'll be able to go to the vigil this year but there's always next year.

  4. Great reflection. Remember, we can't have Sunday without the sadness of Friday.