Friday, October 4, 2013

Encourging Word!!! Oct 1 2013

Again I say: "Let no one steal your joy!"

I know, it's a hard saying. And this week despite the constant negative news on television, radio and internet, and a good friend and co-workers mother passing away and my faithful cat of nine years in the last stages of cancer, I've been fighting and fighting to stay joyful. Wow it has not been easy... and even the devil has been getting in my way. "See all these sad things! See how divided your Church has become, it's a sin to be a joyful Catholic right now!"

"Dear St. Michael, I need you more than ever! Help me out of this doom and gloom! Help me see that other people are just as sad and frightened as I am about whether we are all living our faith the way God wants me to. Help me fight off these feelings of despair because all they do is draw me down, and not towards God. He made me a joyful person, He made me to love Him. Living a faith with joy and cheerfulness is not the wrong way to live!  Amen in Joy!

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