Thursday, March 16, 2017

Post Wedding Brain

   Sigh...we just finished up the week post-wedding of our youngest child and second daughter whose wedding we celebrated last weekend.  Despite the months of worrying about possible weather catastrophes, blizzards, ice, snow, the day turned out beautifully sunny and chilly, cold enough for her to wear the full length faux fur she bought to cover her gown. She and the day were gorgeous.
  As for my husband and myself, we are absolutely exhausted.  Somewhere in my younger days I had convinced myself that no obstacle was too great to overcome despite my aging joints. I would always be able to climb ladders, hang fabric from ceilings, string lights and dance to my heart's content at whatever function we had concocted. I hear you laughing!
  While I had fun operating the man-lift all over the gym, my legs are still screaming at all the standing and walking we did for 48 hours decorating and dressing, photographing, entertaining and dancing then de-decorating.  But we did it and it was very worth it.  She and her new husband were very happy with everything and they have begun their life together happily.
  Meanwhile, my husband and I spent Sunday returning the U-Haul truck we used to cart wedding stuff back and forth across town, returned tuxes, retrieved the 42 linen tablecloths from the dumpster they were accidently dumped into, checked over the gym where we had the reception to make sure everything was picked up and cleaned, (it wasn't, we found a full plastic cup of beer in the foyer and a guest's personal bottle of wine)  and then finally that evening made it to church at the university where we almost fell asleep in the last pew because we were so tired!
  Meanwhile, our other daughter who was married five years ago, and flew home 1,700 miles to be here for the wedding was nursing a broken toe throughout the entire wedding.  But she performed all her matron of honor duties bravely despite the toe. Needless to say she was also exhausted and fell asleep while she and her husband were visiting his parents the day after the wedding, much to her embarrassment.
   I was thrilled that one of my aunts, an uncle and a cousin made it to the wedding also! Thank you Aunt Georgia, Uncle Carl and cousin Matt Schroeder for making the trip and really making my day!

  All in all it was a wonderful weekend!  While I won't be decorating, preparing, hostessing and tearing down another huge event very soon (someone should recommend a good therapist if I do) it was all worth it!

  Now onto regular life...oh did I mention that our son is getting married in two months? No?  Now I need to revisit that last paragraph on needing a therapist...

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