Friday, September 9, 2016

St Peter Claver; A Saint for Our Times As Well

Peter Claver was a Spanish Jesuit, who saw the horrors of slavery and wanted to make sure all those children of God knew the Father's love. When a ship arrived, Peter first begged for fruits, biscuits, or sweets to bring to the slaves. He then went on board with translators to bring his gifts as well as his skills as a doctor and teacher. Claver entered the holds of the ships and would not leave until every person received a measure of care. Peter gave short instruction in the Catholic faith and baptized as many as he could. In this way he could prevail on the slave owners to give humane treatment to fellow Christians. Peter Claver baptized more than 300,000 slaves by 1651, when he was sickened by the plague and later died.

Last Sunday during his homily, our pastor touched on the story of St. Peter Claver and added to his list of patronages the patron saint of modern slavery and the unspoken about yet thriving business of human trafficking. 

Sunday, my family and I adopted St Peter Claver as another role model in addition to St. Michael, St. Joan of Arc, St. Hallvard and St. Maria Goretti to follow in our efforts to help protect women and children from rape, assault, abductions and the sex trade. I urge you to not look away, realize this is going on before your very eyes and speak up.  Women of all colors, races and backgrounds are being assaulted in our colleges, in their homes, in every day businesses and no one speaks up for them.
I will speak up for them: right now!

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More information on helping: Joyful Heart Foundation

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