Thursday, December 10, 2015

Save Me From Drowning!

  Save me from drowning, Lord!
   Do you feel like yelling that a lot during your day?  Are the winds and waves in your life threatening to overwhelm you?  When we find ourselves like St. Peter, walking on the water and suddenly realize the wind has picked up, the waves have begun swamping our feet, when those anxieties, when those sins, when those difficulties beg us to look down at the water rushing over our legs, then we need to be like St. Peter and call out to Jesus, "Save me, Lord, I'm going to drown!"
  It's then we need to look at what is holding us back. What are the troubles in our life? What are my sins, my worries, my anger that threatens to take my gaze off Jesus on threaten to sink me into the deep?
 Saint Mother Teresa had a beautiful saying:  The finger of Christ appears in two areas of our life. First He is looking at us, beckoning us closer, the other he is behind us tapping us on the back saying, "Turn around and come back to Me!"
  In other words we should always be looking toward Christ, not the disturbing waters of our sorrow, sin, the world, but the light of Christ that beckons us towards Him.  He is the only one with the answers, the medicine for our souls, the water for our thirst.
  Keep moving toward Christ through the tempest, through the storms of your life. Look toward Jesus to get you safely home.

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