Thursday, December 17, 2015

Civility, Because Life Is Short

  Why choose civility, when everyone else around you is not?
  I recently began a self study of the writings of St. Teresa of Avila. Mostly because I love the way she has conversations with God. She tells Him what is on her mind.
  I feel like I do that, and up to now have always felt guilty for thinking I could be so free and easy with the Lord our God.  And while I still feel I need to be more servant like with our Heavenly Father, reading Teresa's words makes me feel that it's okay sometimes to offer my questions to Jesus.
  Why did this happen? Why can't I be more peaceful? Why don't you protect those who love you?
   Yeah, I know, I still have a lot to learn but I'm working on it.
  Back to civility. I read this quote today and it struck me that being a civil person demands you think this way: "A whole lifetime is short. I cannot depend on anything that passes away."
  At first you might think, ouch, she is saying she can't trust anyone in her life?  But that's not what this quote means. It means letting go, letting go of my controlling nature, letting go of my constant worry and anxiety and trusting in the ONLY thing that is everlasting...God. Because I can't do anything to change God or the world around me. I can only change how I approach God and the world. So if I use civility in everything I do, I can be a better person to this world around me and while that may not mean I don't get hurt, or yelled at or worse, it does mean I feel more at peace.
  So while my whole lifetime may be short (or long or whatever length God desires) what matters is who, what and where I put my faith in, something or someone who won't die or pass away or in God who is always going to be there before, during and after I pass from this life and with whom I wish to live in eternity with.
  Live civil.

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