Tuesday, September 15, 2015


   Just recently I began a 12 week workout program my personal trainer, who is also my daughter, invited me to join.  I thought it was a good time to get myself a little more in shape, tone up and evaluate my eating and exercise habits.  Three weeks into the schedule I find myself huffing and puffing through the exercises at times struggling to keep up with the other shall we say, much younger women who are also in the program!
  It made me think about little I knew how much I had "lost" in tone and muscle since getting a desk job eight years ago and how I really need to remember to fit my workouts into my busy days.
  The same could be said of my spiritual workouts.  How often do I go along every with my prayers, going to Mass every week and kind of forget to 're-tune' my spiritual self?  My physical workouts have me looking at my spiritual side too wondering if I need to 're-tone' aspects of my prayer and studying.
  Because everyone needs a tune-up!

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