Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's the Soul That Sings!

   It has always been mankind's history to sing when working or playing, laughing or crying, sorrowing and being joyful. Singing lets out the soul's yearning for the God of love.  We know that despite all the sadness of the present world, God is waiting for us, watching over us. Despite bad things, sad things, troubling times, we know that in the end, we will live in eternal happiness. And when we are happy and joyful the soul bubbles forth in joyful song.
  People who were enslaved, people who were enduring hard times, starving, watching their children starve, people who have been persecuted also knew that this life was not the end.  The true spirit of Christianity is sharing this joy of our eternal life, the joy of a life of eternal happiness. That's why we are commanded to spread the "Good News."
    When describing to pagans those who belonged to the new Christian movement, a second century martyr by the name of Justin, said, "We always give thanks!"
  Give thanks by singing with your soul for your soul speaks directly to our Creator, whether in sorrow or joy.

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