Thursday, June 19, 2014

Comfort Food

   You knew it would come to this one day, right? After all this blogging I was bound to blog about food!  Why?  Because it doesn't matter if we are stressed, happy or somewhere in between we love food. We love to eat it and talk about it!
  I'm no different!  I actually bought a book this week because one of my fave bloggers, Julie Davis, had a quote in her book about this book. It's "Talking With My Mouth Full" by Bonny Wolf. Bonny is a funny writer who also has a stint with NPR as a Weekend Edition Food Commentator.
  I wish I knew how you get to be a Food Commentator because I would LOVE that job!  Talking about food, testing, tasting...ahhh...such would be the life of a writer.
  But I digress!  Back to Comfort Foods and how even reading a book about comfort foods can make me think and want some!
  Comfort foods aren't always bad things either, I love a good salad. Sometimes I even crave a good salad! Yes, it's true!  But I also crave chips, chocolate and my all time, never be without, no matter what the season, Iced Tea.
  We all have our comforts in life, the things that help us get through a difficult time or day.  I have another food comfort.  I am blessed because I work in a church office which means, Jesus is just next door all the time!  And I visit Him very frequently when my day is going nuts and even better I get to receive Him in the Body and Blood during Mass. 
  There was a very good reason Jesus made the Last Supper THE place to be with his apostles the night before he died. The guys were enjoying a good meal, a comfort meal. Times had been hard, Jesus was talking about some worrisome happenings and Judas was acting strange.  Then, Jesus right there and then declared that the common wine and bread they were enjoying would become his body and blood.  What better way could Jesus have explained how He would always be with his apostles and with us by using the comfort of food and wine, the companionship of our loved ones and friends at a table renewing His sacrifice and remembering just how very much He loves us?  We all have the opportunity to receive Him when we go to Mass.  He has all the comfort we need!

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