Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Picture Lady Is Back Again With More Renovation!

  So we are finishing up the church except for the main doors which they are working on this week, but then they began on our office floors last week so the work never ends.  Last week they were upstairs and on the landings, but this week they have been in front of my office and the other main offices. What was once nice orderly and safe has become chaos!  We had to move our network printer out into the reception area. We gave our volunteer receptionists which includes my own mom, the week off! 
  So that has meant those few of us left in the office are answering the phone, the doorbell and taking care of business all the while dodging bent over floor tile gentlemen.  I laid tile in my kitchen several years ago and it was nothing like this undertaking! 
 Right now they are getting ready to tile in front of my office which means I will either have to stay in my office all day or 'walk the plank' across wet tiles!  Sounds like an adventure to me!  But isn't that true of all life?  

The view down the hall
and the view from inside my office!  Might have to do some tightrope walking!

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