Friday, January 3, 2014

The Yum of Winter and Our Daily Bread

   Two hours before our Thanksgiving meal, I had my wonderful husband and my awesome youngest daughter working cleaning the house, when suddenly it came to me that dinner for our families would be much better if all shared at the same table as opposed to separate tables in two different rooms!  Which meant, moving furniture.
  Moving furniture is kind of a past time with me, it's in my DNA. My mom would move furniture every time my dad had to go out of town for meetings. It gave her something to do to pass the time until he was home again.
   Anyway, 30 minutes later we had a new dining room; our old living room with the kitchen table in it along with a second table and chairs to go around. Move this dry sink here, a chair or two go downstairs and Ta-Da! A brand new Dining Room.  Who needs a living room?
  It worked so well that now, now, after New Year's we still have the room set up for dining where we eat every evening and don't even miss the living room.  I love sitting at the table in a totally different atmosphere, with candles lit away from the middle of the kitchen.  Though it's just the three of us most evenings, it's nice to catch up on the day eating soup, or meatloaf; the leftovers of Thanksgiving long gone, and enjoy the quiet of the new dining area.  It's funny what a little change you make in your life can turn into a better habit.
  Like going to Mass every day. What began as just helping out at Mass because some of our Eucharistic Ministers were unable to be there all the time, has in two years time become a daily habit with me; serving the Lord by going to Mass, holding a Communion Service, training new altar servers or assisting our presiders during Mass.  I don't think I could go back to sitting at my desk first thing in the morning. Now my day doesn't feel right, no matter how busy it's going to be, without going to Mass first.
  I like change and I don't like change. Some change catches on and some doesn't.  Unlike resolutions, change comes about out of necessities sometimes. Maybe that's the best way to change our prayer life too, out of a necessity of needing the Lord even more...sometimes on a daily bread!

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