Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Encouraging Word September 16, 2013


Have you ever noticed that there are days you need to live life light? Those days when you aren’t feeling your best, other people are getting on your nerves, when you feel like the world is becoming a much more scary place?

Live life light on those days and smile.

Living life light means bring your thoughts to a happy level, don’t think so deeply on things. My mom used to admonish me when she noticed I was sitting at the kitchen table or on the couch with a pensive look on my face. “You’re thinking too deeply about something,” she would warn. In other words, stop worrying about whatever you are worrying about!  And she was almost always right. I was worrying about something.

Living life light doesn’t mean you don’t care about life or don’t take anything seriously. But honestly, there are days when we just need to sit at the stoplight and stop being mad at the bad drivers, maybe us included, stop being mad at the world for raising tyrants and ego maniacs. We need to remember that God is in charge of everything. We can pray and ask for help, but wringing our hands, worrying and moaning and groaning won’t get Him to listen to us any more than having a cheerful smile and saying, “Okay, you got this, Lord.”

So try it.  Sit there and smile.  Come on. Think of puppies running over that little kid on that soda commercial, think of Bill Crosby saying “JELLO”.  

When I’m thinking too deeply I remember the video of me tripping down the steps at my sister’s wedding! Or how the bears I knit make me smile.  Or the joy on the face of that little kid down the street trying out a new bike the day after Christmas.

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