Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Encouraging Words June 24, 2013

Say it with Love

Listening to the Moody Blues and their song, “Say It With Love” and that is an excellent way to live your life. No matter what, say things with love.

That is totally what Jesus told us to do. Love your neighbor as yourself,. Love God best of all.

Love your neighbor. Despite our differences, our emotions. If we could just remember to say things with love, even when we are upset and mad about something.

And has it been a good year to try to say things with love!  No matter where you turn these days there is controversy.  And yet we are still called to correct our neighbor, point out the truth in all matters. But we can do it with love. I don’t recall hearing Jesus screaming at anyone about their sins.  He said everything with love, especially when pointing out their faults and failings.

Would it not be the coolest thing if our entire world could accept everyone is different, and help each other by saying things with love? It doesn’t mean we accept their sins, but we can help correct them with brotherly love.

Say it with love today!

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