Monday, May 27, 2013

Encouraging Words May 27, 2013

   What memories smells bring us. My sense of smell is at times a curse, when I can smell milk gone bad in the fridge before you even open the door, or something overly ripe in the grocery. But there are other times my sense of smell has reminded me of the delights of childhood. Like today. My hubs, youngest daughter and I were on our town's bike trail. I love this 7 mile blacktop trail that winds from the north end of town, through surburbs, retail sites, county park, baseball diamonds, soccer fields to the south end of town.  You would think it was totally insane that you could do that in a matter of an hour, but on a bike and the way the trail follows one of the many creeks that drain rain and creek water towards the Mississippi, you get to enjoy the sites, sounds and today especially, the smells.
   Honeysuckle plants are the most delicious smelling flower on earth. I know they are weeks, invasive, once getting a hold of anything in your yard they are like the march of the locusts. But honeysuckle is one of those smells you remember as a child and that aroma stays with you. It's comfort from summer nights, hearing crickets, being hugged by your mom or dad or grandparent. It's sitting on porch swings watching heat lightning in the distance and hearing the frogs croak their hellos to each others.  Songs are written about this week. Why? Because it invokes such memories in all of us.
  The other wafting aroma we enjoyed along the way today, was barbeque. Specificially, because we live in southeast Missouri which is close enough to St. Louis, barbeque pork steaks, slathered in sauce, cooked on a charcoal grill. It was enough to make me want to dump my bike, wade over the creek and make a new friend! "Hi there! I was passing by on my bike, along the trail and could not miss the awesome aroma of your lunch on the grill!  Mind if I stay?"
   My dad was the bestest griller of all times.  He never did anything fancy, it was hamburgers, or hotdogs, brats or pork steaks. That was pretty much his fare. No chicken, no fancy steaks. But anything he grilled he slathered with sauce. Kraft Orginial recipe t hat is. I that is the best way for me to enjoy bbq too. In fact, when I got married, I insisted my husband learn how to grill just like my dad.
   As my dad got older, he could still dish up a mean grill, but usually my hubs or my brother were out there "helping" because he would leave the meat on a tad too long.  But he never left off the sauce. Ummmm.....deep basted Kraft Original recipe sauce, cooked on until it's almost black, is the best tasting burgers or pork you've ever had!
  Memories live on in our sense of smell.  Think about it. 

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