Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Encouraging Words April 1, 2013

“I cried aloud to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy hill. Selah” ~ David, King of Israel & Judah


Yesterday, while leading a Communion Service with some of the students of our parish grade school, I had a most embarrassing moment. At least from my point of view it was.  I was proclaiming the gospel, the one where Mary Magdalene had come to the tomb and could not find Jesus. Then when she turned, she saw two angels and there stood Jesus. But she didn’t recognize Him until He spoke her name.

While reading the part where she recognized him, I began crying.

I cannot explain why this happened except I was so caught up in the thought of losing Jesus then finding Him again that I broke into tears.

While I was hoping the students and adults sitting in the pews would think I had just lost my voice for a moment from the same allergies plaguing all of us this season, it wasn’t until today, while reading an article on Catholic News Agency that I know what happened.

Pope Francis, during his short homily on the very same gospel I read that day, was telling the faithful to “Pray for the gift of tears” to see the Risen Christ, just like Mary Magdalene.

Suddenly I began crying again. I should not have been embarrassed when that happened to me yesterday, I had received a gift from Jesus!  I was awestruck.  It’s one of those moments you want to shout to everyone around you, “Oh my gosh! Listen to this! This happened to me!”  And yet, even though I work in a parish office, I felt funny calling attention to myself about this, it felt self centered.  So while I write this to you in this blog, I’ll figure out how to inform my office mates because I don’t want to hide a God moment from anyone. Like miracles, we need to share God moments in our lives to help each other on our faith journeys.   Thanks for sharing in my God moment!

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