Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Encouraging Words Feb 25, 2013

Live with intention

Walk to the edge

Listen hard

Practice wellness


Choose with no regret

Appreciate your friends

Continue to learn

Do what you love

Live every day – get over the sadness, smile, leave as friends, forget the anger, no grudges, give hugs, RESOLVE TO BE HAPPY!

 No matter what else goes on in your life, resolving to be happy is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family and friends.

I don’t mean the kind of happy you get from having no worries, plenty of money, fame or fortune.

 Nope, I mean the kind of happy that sings in your soul.  Also known in some circles as JOY.

 Joy doesn’t get much press. The only time you hear much about the word JOY is at Christmas when we sing “Joy To the World.”  And just what is Joy to the World?

 Do you bring joy to your world? Do people see you and smile or melt into the wall? Do people think of you as a joyful person?

 I know people, even very religious people, who can suck the joy out of Mass by the way approach life: it’s one big sigh after another.

 That’s not joy.

Joy is what wells up inside you, it can happen when you see a baby smile for the first time, or get up early and spot the most beautiful sun rise you’ve ever seen! Joy bubbles up from your soul, you can’t explain it, it’s just there, fizzing and bubbling like a freshly popped can of soda!

 Joy takes choosing to live your life so others see the Christ in you. Christ had joy. He exuded it everywhere He went. It’s why so many people were attracted to Him. He didn’t have to wave a banner, hand out business cards or yell, “Gather round, miracle about to happen!”

 Jesus had a natural joy that came from knowing He was from the Father, and the Father was in Him.

 We know the Father too, and the Father dwells in us. Why don’t we show our joy like Jesus did?

 We still have time in Lent to work on showing our joy. Go for it! Make a joyful noise and shout “Joy to the world!”


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