Monday, February 4, 2013

E-Word Week 6 - yes I skipped one!

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
- C. S. Lewis

   Last week while getting some blood work done,  I was asked not once but twice within a few minutes time if I was over the age of 55.  Now I know better than to get upset at questions by medical personnel who see people all the time, coming and going so they aren’t really looking past the silver hair of a woman who sits down across from them, but gosh it upset me! I mean I have two more LONG years before I turn 55!!!! Come on!!!! 

   But I let those comments get to me. It didn’t help that I was there because my blood pressure had been running a tad bit high and I wanted to find out what was going on. So of course my BP didn’t look really great after those comments either.

   Then I’m going through Internet news and see a blog about if you are over 50 you shouldn’t be doing this list of things which included Parkour,  mosh pit surfing, and drinking champagne out of shoes.  I still engage in martial arts and sparring and ground combat so I took offense at the Parkour restriction. I love low range Parkour and even practice it! Did you see me trip over the curb in Target’s parking lot last week and do a perfect roll? I was doing Parkour off cars and curbs long before it became a hit in James Bond movies!

   But I did begin to realize that my Encouraging Words blog this year was going to have to really hit home with me if I was going to get my blood pressure back in the normal range. Life has been extremely stressed out lately and knew I was letting it happen to me.  “Let Go and Let God” is always my motto, but that doesn’t mean I live it all the time!  I have those “Mom” worries and anxieties with one child out of the nest almost two thousand miles away, the others figuring out where they are going next,  a full time job and a family business to run. If I sound like a broken record I apologize but I think sometimes we women think we can just keep adding stuff to our plates and the plate won’t break.

    We need to think of our plates as paper not china. And we have to take care of the plate, not just the food that is on it! Even if our plates are fine china they have a load limit!

    Anyway, Encouraging Words need to help lift us up to the funny in life, the less stressed way of looking at the anxiety causing events that grab on like Velcro and try harder to laugh our way to old age.

    And it is never too old to begin anything new! There are hundreds of examples of people starting over, beginning a new hobby or doing something different as they age. There are a lot of young people just sitting around with high BP’s too and they need to get out and try some hardcore Parkour too, even if it’s just the parking lot curb tripping you up!

*Parkour is a new sport of running and jumping off walls, cars, anything in the environment.

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