Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  I came across an interesting tidbit of information today. And I guess if I had studied French instead of the one year of Spanish I took I might have known this.  The French word, "Adieu" which everyone uses when they are saying goodbye to someone, quite literally means, "to God". In other words, when you say, "Adieu!" to someone while waving, you are leaving them in God's care.

   That was stunning to me. How wonderful! Of course the other words we use to assure a safe journey or see you again later also mean go with God too like "Good-bye," good - comes from God. "Vaya con dios" in Spanish means this too.

  Sometimes we forget to stop and think about putting another person in God's care. The very send off we have repeated for years does just that. How beautiful!  Too bad we sometimes shorten our Good-Bye to just 'bye!  or worse yet, "See 'ya!"

   Maybe for Lent practice actually using the full "go with God at your side" send off. I know it makes me feel better to remind them AND me I am trusting them to God's care!

Happy Lent!

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