Monday, January 14, 2013

You Know, It Really IS A Wonderful Life!

You should not let anyone make you feel like your life is NOT a wonderful life! Although usually it is US who make ourselves feel that way. We get down, things get us upset, we forget just why we are here on earth, there is so much negativity surrounding us in the news. It's easy to forget that it really is a good life we have here.  If you are reading this it means you at least have access to a computer or phone device that connects to the Internet and you enjoy the freedom of reading whatever you want. Of course it's not like that everywhere in the world.
   So should we not realize that and say thank you for that? Too often we forget all the "little" things we have going for us. So, stop and think about it. Do you have a family that loves you? Even if you are a parent, child, brother or sister, is there someone who cares whether you come home at night? Bet so!  What about a job. If you have one, count yourself very blessed indeed. If you are out of a job, thank God for the freedom to look for one and while you are thanking God for that ask Him for help in finding one. He's one guy who will ALWAYS be there to help. You may have to be patient because He hasn't found the right one for you yet!
   Begin this week looking at the wonderful things in your life. List them out if you have to and keep the list by your bed or on your desk.
   It IS a wonderful life!

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