Friday, December 21, 2012

Civility Lives On, Time For A New Year!

December 21, 2012
Another new year is upon us and here we are contemplating how to begin new habits once again. Last year it was Civility. To be honest, I do believe that between blogging every week about how to become more civil, it did work a little. I’m still working on it mind you, but at least I choose my words more wisely these days and lose my temper less often.
This year, after seeing an article on Encouraging Words on the website, Art of Manliness, I’ve chosen to give compliments more often. See, this fits me to a tee because I tend to be a perfectionist and am not very good at giving compliments. I don’t think I deserve them either so it makes it Even Steven. But after reading how people are much better people when complimented, and knowing I feel better after receiving them, I’m going to concentrate on that.
So beginning in January, I’m working on Encouraging Words. Encouraging words aren’t always compliments, in fact, you might give an encouraging word to someone who doesn’t deserve praise, but we all function better in our lives when we have encouragement. At least I think so.
Idle words are characterless and die upon utterance. Evil words rankle for a while, make contentions and then die. But the hopeful, kind, cheering word sinks into a man’s heart and goes on bearing fruit forever.”  (The Enlargement of Life (1903) by Frederick Henry Lynch. (

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