Friday, November 30, 2012

And Mary's Kept These Things In Her Heart...

   When the Prophet at the temple told Mary that a sword would pierce her heart, that her Son would be the downfall of all Israel, the Gospel at that points says Mary held all these things in her heart.
   When Mary did this, how did she not get an ulcer? 
   As a mom, there are so many things I am concerned about with my kids as they grow older; finding jobs, finding a good spouse. Most of these things I pray about and put in God's hands. But you know, if you are a mom, sometimes the worries wake you up in the middle of the night no matter how hard you have tried to put them in God's hands. Seriously.
   Did Mary ever wake up worrying in the middle of the night? Did she ever get an upset stomach wondering if Jesus was okay wherever He was that night in some other town among people who were plotting against Him? Even though she was without sin, she was still a mom and would have been at least concerned about Him?
   Was she able to trust God so much that these things didn't bother her in the least? I have a long way to go as a mom. I try so very hard but maybe my personality gets in the way, that whole control freak thing. Maybe Mary was a very different type personality, one that didn't worry as much as I do. So as I sit here typing I keep trying to look to her to guide my mom ways, to emulate the way she could put everything in God's hands. Meanwhile, pass the Tums...


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