Tuesday, October 2, 2012

There's No Need To Fear!

   Uggg. I am so tired of all the news: Terrorists Threaten! Disease! War Is Upon Us! Our Country Is Going To Hell In A Hand Basket!

   Well, first of all, turn off your news from ALL sources, tv, internet, newspaper, pick up the Bible and a book on history. First of all, notice the quiet...cricket...cricket...isn't it nice?  Who needs the silly news on? All it does is cause us to:
a. be miserable  
b. run and hide
c. think the world is coming to an end
d. worry, cry, work on our ulcers and other nervous conditions.

Next, the Bible, the book of Holy Scripture we hear every Sunday, and during the weekdays too. Have you ever noticed, if you read more than just the last half, otherwise known as the New Testament. There's a reason you have to read the New Testament - it's called the beginning, or Why God had to send His Son in the first place - reading. The Old Testament. If there was every a sordid, PG-13 rated novel out there to watch out for, it's Old Testament!  There are wars, infidelities, affairs, murder, stealing inheritances, just to name a few.  Gosh, it makes our news today seem small and not so bad. Hmmmm...

Now for the History Book. History is full of heroes and bad guys/gals. Go ahead, look at the wars, poverty. It all goes back for thousands of years...why do we think today's world is going to be so perfect? How could we possibly be totally free from all those same trials and tribulations?

Okay, now before you get depressed about the world always being horrible, sad, depressing...look at all of the good stories in all of those places, yes, even the news. Wow, someone came to the aid of someone else, someone fed the poor, saved a life, helped a little old lady across the street, saved a marriage, got married, had kids who laugh and bring joy, became a politician who REALLY wants to help people, became a teacher, social worker, someone who answers a phone with a cheerful voice, wrote a book about good things.

Whoa, did you read the Bible about God's rainbow? the Red Sea parting to save Israel? Jesus being born, helping sick, feeding hungry, saving our souls?

History shows us great adventures, discoveries, moon landings, planet and underwater exploration, that dolphins like to talk to us as so our dogs!

When you change your perspective, it changes everything. When you put God and Love into the mix of all of these things, we find the world is really not so horrible, the Bible has salvation written all throughout it, and History had some really nice people and events sprinkled about. And our world today is not so different, if we remember how to look at it all: Through God's eyes, through love's eyes; and give of ourselves!

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