Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Civility Week 43, October 22, 2012

“Don’t discount the power of your words. The thought that they might cause unnecessary hurt or discomfort should inform every conversation.” ~ P.M. Forni

    Once again this week I was reminded of how just a few simple words can come out the wrong way, if spoken in exasperation or negativity. And oh how hard it to un-speak those things said when we realize what we’ve done.  While I realize we cannot control what other people think of us or say about us, being civil with each other means we are careful even when we are tired, worn out or exasperated with a situation.  I forgot that last week and let my lack of patience show through in an situation and landed up hurting the feelings of a colleague. I knew it when it happened too, it was totally unintentional but that didn’t take back the  impatience I had aimed her way.  A day later, apologies given, everything was fine with us, but it reminded me how vigilant I need to be on the civility thing!

  Sometimes I think it’s just too much work. Then I remember how sometimes everything in life is too much work, dressing up for Church, dressing professionally for a job, putting on makeup when I’m just going to be schlepping around my house, keeping my home clean even when no one is visiting, cooking a meal when eating out or grabbing fast food would be easier and faster…the list goes on.

  So what does civility matter? A little faux pax here, a little fist pump there, next thing you know we have celebrities throwing cuss words out on television interviews. At this point I’m surprise the presidential debates haven’t’ gotten physical.

   That is just wrong. Hence the whole reason for this blog for the last year. So, civility does count, we do need to be aware that we make a difference in the world by being civil with each other.

   I made her cookies along with my apology by the way! Hey, it didn’t hurt to go a little extra!

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