Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Communal Sin

I was reading a book by Father Larry Richards the other day and stumbled on something good for my soul. He was writing about confession and how when each of us sins, it affects everyone in our Church.
I stopped to think about this, I knew that of course, but as you go along in every day things, we tend to forget things.
But he emphasized the fact that when we sin, we are sinning first again God of course, but also against each other especially when that sin involves other people.
For example: If I am having a bad day, sometimes I tend to shut down, not smile as much, not make much contact with my office mates, my family, people at the store. That can be a sin when you have taken the opportunity to show your Christianity and you don't.
We all have bad days, but the point he was making, at least I think, was that as  general rule, we are all in this world together. When we spoil someone else's day by our attitude it puts black spots on our souls and possibly others.
That sounds really weighty, but it's true how all these black spots can add up to overall ugliness.
Dump it out, get to confession!
Clean it out and say your are sorry to God and everyone!

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