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Civility Week 32, August 6, 2012

Civility Week 32, August 6, 2012

As the drought drags on, you can almost see people dragging to and from the stores, wishing for rain to settle the dust, clear our heads and help things grow.  It’s enough to sap all the civility out of you!

Every time I head out the door to go somewhere or even just walk down the drive to get the mail, I wonder how people dealt with the heat and drought years before we had air conditioning?

It made me think of those cool fans churches used to hand out that had advertising all over them. Now we just use the church bulletin if the A/C isn’t set low enough in church!

How did people stay civil in the heat and drought back then?

Some thoughts:

1.  You just stayed home, sat on the front or back porch in the swing and fanned yourself?

2. Took extended vacations on “the farm” where there is always a slow running creek to sit and be cool

3. Slept outside on the porch at night, listening to crickets.

4. Houses had huge windows and breezeways.

5. If you worked on the farm, you took long lunch breaks, dinner breaks and didn’t do much planting.

6. If you worked in a town job you only worked early in the morning inside…there were longer lunch breaks, longer vacations?

7. You drank a lot of lemonade, tea, water.

8. You watched the dogs chase cats and they were all walking.

9. You only talked to your neighbors about the heat and the lack of rain.

10. You prayed more for rain!

11. Politicians didn’t hang out long in Washington to debate this or that. They went home to cool off!

12. We didn’t have international news that got everybody riled up about the world.

13. No body had “everything” and they were okay with that!

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