Monday, May 7, 2012

She's Everyone's Mom

If my family was ever on the game show, “Family Feud” and got asked, “What’s the top most annoying trait of your mother?” my family’s top answer would be “over protective!”

And yes, I admit that I am extremely overprotective of my kids. But it’s not like they have grown up insulated or naïve. They have boxed in sparring matches and suffered injuries in our martial arts classes, gone whitewater rafting, zip lining, canoeing and traveling. They have all even ridden upside-down doing acrobats in an open cockpit bi-plane!

So, when it came to my daughter and her husband moving waaaaayyyy out to California, my mother force field knew it just could not handle the distance! In stepped Mary.

The Blessed Mother has always been my role model. I pray the rosary, love to sing her praises in song and have always consulted her in all parenting and womanly issues. But…I always knew wherever my kids were I could be there in just a sort car drive away.

Until California. While you can still drive to California, it’s TWO DAYS AWAY! And as every mom knows that’s a long time in mommy worry time.

After much angst, and questioning of God’s wisdom in allowing them to receive such an opportunity to arrive at their doorstep, I finally assented with the same decision Mary made when saying yes to God. But, I’m ashamed to say, I was not nearly so nice about it as she was.

So my only recourse was to turn to Mary and give the “Mom” reigns to her to watch over and guide my kids. Mary is such as good example of trust in God. She had to trust so very much especially when watching Him die on the cross. I cannot even imagine how hard that had to be for her.

During the months of May and October we especially think of Mary to guide us to be better moms and dads, to be better people as Catholics and role models to others. If we place our trust in her, we know she’ll be there not only for our children, but to help us say “yes” to God.

Thanks, Mom!

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