Friday, May 25, 2012

I Laugh, With Glee, No Less!

I love reading mom blogs.  I mean, is there any better way to find out you are not alone in the world of motherhood and to enjoy life's lemons and koolaid?
My daughter, 20 and I were wistful earlier this week remember the Kool-Aid icecubes I used to make for them to have during the hot summer months. My own mom made these for my two sisters, brother and I when I was a kid...oh so long ago... We didn't have the pops, or the toothpicks, just icecubes dumped three to a Tupperware glass, taken out to the swing or front porch and enjoyed for minute after luscious minute.
So, the next day, nothing doing, my daughter goes to the store, buys 10 packets of Kool Aid, they still aren't very expensive and makes up Blue Raspberry ice cubes. When I got home from work we enjoyed, savored and remembered old days!
This weekend my other daughter and her hubs are flying home. We will again make more ice cubes, maybe the Black Cherry or my fave, Grape, and enjoy all over again!
Memories...they are the best!!!!

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